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For eighteen years, Polish Ceramics Conferences were organized every two years. The first two conferences were held at OPO in Spała near Opoczno in 2000 and 2002 and one of the main organizers was Opoczno SA. Since 2004 the main organizer of the conference is the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics of UST-AGH. The creators of these conferences were and still are prof. Jerzy Lis, Dr Janusz Partyka, Dr Ewa Stobierska and Prof. Piotr Wyszomirski. Also equally great contribution to the organization of the Polish Ceramics cyclic conferences had ones who have passed away: Barbara Chlubny, Marek Muszyński President of Opoczno SA, Prof. Stanislaw Komornicki and Prof. Roman Pampuch.
The main goal of the Polish Ceramics conferences is the integration of scientific and industrial communities which are working in the ceramics field, especially fired ceramics. This goal has remained unchanged for 18 years.

Polish Ceramics 2000 r.

PC00A Opening

PC00B Opening - S. Frąckowiak, M. Handke, S. Komornicki

PC00C Opening

Polish Ceramics 2002 r.

PC02A Banquet

PC02B Banquet - Z. Dziedzic, J. Natanek, J. Partyka, D. Zientara, B. Chlubny

PC02C Banquet - B. Chlubny, D. Zientara, J. Lis

Polish Ceramics 2004 r.

Polska Ceramika 2004r. otwarcie konferencji   Opening

Polish Ceramics 2006 r.

Polska Ceramika 2006r. Bankiet R.Pampuch M.Szafran Banquet - R.Pampuch, M.Szafran

Polska Ceramika 2006r. Bankiet F.F.Lange K.Haberko Banquet - F.F.Lange, K.Haberko

Polska Ceramika 2006r. Bankiet E.Stobierska P.Luczka  Banquet - E.Stobierska, P.Łuczka

Polish Ceramics 2010 r.

PC10A A. Wyszomirski, F. Gacki, B. Przetakiewicz

PC10B J. Lis, E. Stobierska, L. Stobierski  

PC10E Lectures

PC10F S. Serkowski

PC10G Banquet - B. Chlubny, A. Gubernat, J. Lis

PC10H Banquet - M. Bućko, Z. Pędzich

Polish Ceramics 2012 r.

PC12A Lectures

PC12B Lectures - M. Handke, R. Pampuch

Polish Ceramics 2014 r.

PC14A Opening - J. Lis

PC14B Lectures

PC14C  R. Pampuch, M. Yoshimura

PC14D Closing ceremony - A. Gubernat, J. Lis

Polish Ceramics 2016 r.

PC16A Lectures - W. Mozgawa, A. Gubernat

PC16B J. Lis. M. Singh, W. Mozawa