logoEN PC2018

Plenary lectures, topic lectures and posters from various areas will be presented at the conference.

Subjects will be divided into sections:

A – Ceramic raw materials and powders (silts and feldspar raw materials and their substitutes, fluxes and leaning materials, frits and ceramic glazes, ceramic powders and granulated products ceramic pigments, innovative methods of ceramic powder synthesis)

B – Ceramic processes (milling, grinding, ceramic slip rheology, drying, glazing and decoration techniques, production process control, sintering theory and practice, environment protection in ceramic industry)

C – Product characteristics (testing methods, quality management, normalization and certification, modelling and computer simulations in ceramics)

D – Traditional and advanced ceramics (classical ceramics, building ceramics, silicates, refractories, wall and floor tiles, composites, ceramic layers)

E – history of ceramics, conservation of historic ceramics and buildings, ceramics in architecture